Pradosa Samaye Srivasa Angane

by Diptiman Gaurahari das



Pradosa samaye Srivasa angane
composed by - Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (Gitamala)
singer - Diptiman Gaurahari das


pradosa-samaye srivasa-angane
sangopane gora-mani
sri-hari-kirtane nache nana-range
uthilo mangala-dhvani

mridanga madala baje karatala
majhe majhe jayatura
prabhura natana dekhi’ sakalera
hoilo santapa dura

akhanda premete matala takhana
sakala bhakata-gana
apana pasari’ Gora-chande gheri’
nache gaya anukhana

emona samaye daiba-byadhi-joge
srivasera antah-pure
tanaya-biyoge nari-gana shoke
prokasalo uccaih-svare

krandana uthile habe rasa-bhanga
bhakativinoda dare
srivasa amani bujhilo karana
pasilo apana ghare


1. In the evening twilight, within the privacy of Srivasa Pandita’s courtyard, the cream-lustered jewel Lord Gauranga raised a most auspicious vibration by His chanting of Hari-sankirtana. He accompanied the sankirtana with various enchanting dance moves.

2. Accompanied by the playing of the mridanga drum and cymbals, and amidst the occasional victorious shouts of “Jaya! Jaya!” the dramatic dance of Lord Gaurahari dispelled the grief of all those who witnessed it.

3. Then, becoming madly intoxicated in an ocean of unending and uninterrupted ecstatic love, all the assembled devotees completely forgot themselves and incessantly began to dance and chant wildly, surrounding Lord Gaurachandra.

4. Just at this time, one of Srivasa’s sons suddenly died due to some disease, as ordained by the will of the divine. Due to separation from the boy, all the household women began to lament and cry out in a loud voice, within the inner chamber of Srivasa’s house.

5. Now Bhaktivinoda fears that the transcendental mellows of the Lord’s kirtana will be disturbed by the uprising of such loud wails and cries. However, Srivasa Pandita has now understood the reason behind this sound and has personally entered the inner chambers of his house.


released November 14, 2019


all rights reserved



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